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Appeal of PPP School 公民連携専攻の魅力


Certified as the worldʼs only Specialist Centre of Excellence on PPPs in Local Governments 

 Toyo University established a “Specialist Centre of Excellence on PPPs in Local Governments,” which is a UNECE International PPP Centre of Excellence. The UNECE PPP Secretariat establishes PPP centers in countries around the world, but we are the world’s only PPP center focused on local government. Our task is to disseminate the knowledge and experience gained from our education and research to the world. Studying at TOYO PPP School will mean becoming fully conversant in international standards relating to local government PPPs.
Since establishing TOYO PPP School, Toyo University has supported the introduction of PPPs and regional revitalization through research, training, and seminars on solutions to the challenges faced by local governments and approaches to economic development in the form of the “Regional Development Advisory Program (RDAP).”


The OGAL Project of Shiwa Town  The first example of a Regional Development Advisory Program
Philippines Survey  Conducting PPP applicability studies in Butuan and other cities
Indonesia Survey  Implementing joint policy research on PPP policy



 東洋大学は、国連PPP推進局が世界各国で展開しているPPP拠点づくり活動(国連Coe)の一拠点である「国連Coe地方政府PPPセンター(Specialist Centre of Excellence on Ppps in Local Governments)」として認定を受けました。




関連記事: 東洋大学が国連CoEに認定されました


紫波町 オガールプロジェクト  地方創生の成功事例として知られる地域再生支援プログラムの第1例
フィリピン調査  ブトゥアン市他、複数都市でPPP可能性調査を実施
インドネシア調査  JICAにアジア諸国での実績を評価されPPP政策提言研究にかかる調査を実施