Outline 概要

Brightening regional futures
with our Public-Private Partnership framework.
Now certified by the United Nations,  
we will make a broad range of contributions to local administrations in Japan, Asia, and the world. 

The Course of Public-Private Partnership of the Graduate School of Economics at Toyo University is aimed at working adults who study Public Private Partnerships.

Currently, many social issues are accumulating, such as aging populations with low birth rates, population decrease, aging infrastructure, and financial pressure on local governments. PPP is growing as an important policy tool to brighten the future of local regions.
 Since its establishment in 2006, the Course of Public-Private Partnership has been cooperating with domestic and overseas local governments on implementing various projects. Within the Course of Public-Private Partnership there are three courses that bring together a diverse student body of local government personnel as well as those active in construction, real estate, finance, and overseas. Each student learns PPP in a manner that fits their individual needs and develops a stronger understanding.

 In addition to the Course of Public-Private Partnership’s educational activities, the achievements of the Research Center for Public-Private Partnership and the Asia Public-Private Partnership Institute have received high evaluations. In 2015, the PPP education and research activities of Toyo University earned the certification of the United Nations’ Specialist Centre of Excellence on PPPs in Local Governments. Now, the school has become an intellectual hub, providing information on many research results in addition to collecting information on PPP from around the world.

  PPP at Toyo University

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) are an inclusive concept involving a method for project implementation with roles divided among the government, private industries, and citizens.

There is no legal definition of PPP, as is the case with PFI and designated administrators. Therefore, Toyo University’s Research Center for Public-Private Partnership has consulted with world organizations and created a two-stage definition. 






 PPP(公民連携/Public-Private Partnership)は、官、民、市民が役割分担をして事業を実施する手法を示す包括的な概念です。