Application Dates

2021 Fall Admission
*Only for potential students who are living outside of Japan
2021 Fall*/2022 April Admission
(August Exam)
*Fall enrollment is only for potential students who are currently living in Japan

2022 AprilAdmission
(November Exam)

2022 April Admission
(March Exam)
*Only for potential students who are currently livingin Japan

  • Preliminary Screening*1




  • Application period
Late March - Early April 2021
July 9 (Fri) - 16 (Fri)
November 4(Thr) - 11 (Thr)
February 14(Mon) - 18 (Fri)
  • Exam Date

2021 April

August 28
November 28 (Sun)
March 6 (Sun)
  • Result Announcement Date
2021 April 2021
September 3 (Thu)
December 8 (Wed)
March9 (Wed)
  • Enrollment Procedures
September 2 (Thr) - 8 (Wed)
March 9 (Wed) -March 15 (Tue)
March 3 (Thr) -March (Wed)
February 24 (Wed)-March 3 (Wed)
  • Enrollment
2021 September 2022 April
2022 April
2022 April

*1 There are cases where applications from those who do not meet the admission requirements, for example, those who have not graduated university, will be approved by preliminary screening. For more details, please refer to page 12 of the Admission Examination Guidelines.


Taking entrance exams from abroad (Video conference system)
Those who meet the criteria for "mature student” application requirements can take entrance exams from abroad using the online remote class system.Please contact us for more details.
Entrance Examination offered to International Applicants from Overseas
Fall Admission only (Application in early April)
Remote entrance exam taken from abroad
April Admission only (Applications: August exam, November exam) *March exam not possible


Graduate School of Economics Course of Public-Private Partnership

  • Course of Public-Private Paternerhsip pamphlet
  • Application Documents Example (For Course of Public-Private Partnership)




*The Toyo University forms for the ”Personal History Record,” ”Grades Transcript,” “Post-Admission Research Plan,” and “Pre-Assignment,” of the application documents are listed on the below page.

Admission Information (Hakusan Campus)




Master of Economics


Enrollment Capacity
(Academic Year)


30 students (Total of 3 specialized courses, no limit per course)




Twice a year: April Admission, Fall Admission (Late-September)
*The only difference between April and Fall admission is the period at which courses are completed.

Standard Completion time


Two Years

Lecture Time and Location 

Otemachi Satelite
Weekdays (Mon - Fri)
  • 6th Period (18:30~20:00)
  • 7th Period(20:10~21:40)

Hakusan Campus

  • 1st Period (9:00~10:30)
  • 2nd Period (10:40~12:10)
  • 3rd Period (13:00~14:30)
  • 4th Period (14:45~16:15)
  • 5th Period (16:30~18:00)

Tuition and Fees

  • 1st Year: ¥1,170,000 (Admission Fee ¥270,000, Tuition ¥600,000, Facility Fee ¥300,000)
  • 2nd Year: ¥900,000 (Tuition ¥600,000, Facility Fee ¥300,000)


 Scholarship and Financial Aids


  •  Tuition reduction for Privately Financed International Students 
    1st year: 30% of Tuition, if a student meets certain criteria
    2nd year: 20-40% of Tuition, depending on their academic performance and financial conditions

Completion Requirements

  • 1: To obtain 30 or more credits in the required completion courses.
  • 2: As a general rule, every semester, students must complete the “Public-Private Partnership Seminar” taught by their academic supervisor.
  • 3: (Applies to students enrolling from AY 2020) International students must compete either “PPP Theory” or “Global PPP Ⅶ.”
  • 4: Submission of a master’s thesis or a research paper on specific issues. Attendance of presentation sessions (mid-term and final) as well as passing the oral exam.

 *For more details, please refer to the curriculum.


Admission Exam 


For potential international students currently living in Japan with a visa

  • April Admission (August, November, and March exams)
  • Fall Admission (August)

For potential international students currently living outside of Japan

  • April Admission (August and November Exam)
  • Fall Admission (Entrance Examination offered to International Applicants from Overseas(April) )
 Individual consultation on entrance examinations Individual consultations are provided. Please feel free to contact us for any concerns regarding admission.
 Yuji Nemoto, Dean, or Professor Yu Namba will respond to you.

For details, please contact the secretariat (