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Why choose TOYO PPP School?

 The Course of Public-Private Partnership offered by the Graduate School of Economics at Toyo University(Known as TOYO PPP School) is aimed at working adults who study public-private partnerships (PPPs).

 The Course was established in April 2006 as the world’s first graduate school course for professionals that focuses on education and research on PPPs.

 Since its establishment, the Course has launched programs on regional revitalization and infrastructure in addition to PPP/PFI, and Toyo University has been certified as an agency specializing in PPPs by the United Nations.

Toyo University was certified as the world's only Specialist Centre of Excellence on PPPs in Local Governments.
From the left: Mr. Geoffrey Hamilton, Chief, Cooperation and Partnerships Section at UNECE and Mr. Shinji Fukukawa, Chairman of Toyo University

 Toyo University was certified as the UNECE International Specialist Centre of Excellence on PPPs in Local Governments, which serves as one of the PPP centers that the UNECE PPP Secretariat promotes around the world. We are the world's only PPP center focused on local governments. Studying at our Course of Public-Private Partnership means to become fully conversant in international standards relating to local government PPPs.

 Since the establishment of the Course of Public-Private Partnership (PPP), Toyo University has supported the introduction of PPPs to local governments and regional revitalization through research, training, and seminars on solutions to the challenges faced by local governments and approaches to economic development in the form of the “Regional Development Advisory Program (RDAP).”

Notable cases

 The first project of the Regional Development Advisory recognized as a successful example of regional revitalization
 Conducting PPP applicability studies in Butuan and other cities

Student interviews

Local Government Official
March 2019 Graduation

Private enterprises
March 2020 Graduation

International student
March 2019 Graduation

You can enroll from anywhere in the world!

 Note: The following describes a mode of learning offered before the novel coronavirus pandemic. In AY 2020, students were able to freely choose from either of the two modes (in-person class or remote-learning class) for each class. The class operation for AY 2021 has yet to be decided.

At the Course of Public-Private Partnership (TOYO PPP School) students can take classes in-person or online (*1). Also, all classes are conducted using the ZOOM web-conferencing system.

The system makes it possible for students to take all classes in real-time from a computer at their home or office from anywhere in the world.

Therefore, students are able to enjoy a broad network of contacts by sharing topics from various areas. Presently, about one-third of students are taking classes online.

  As an initiative unique to the TOYO PPP School, where most graduate students are working professionals, students are provided with recordings of classes that they have missed due to work or other unavoidable reasons. (Request for viewing is required. The number permitted for viewing is limited. Seminars are not recorded.)

See “Remote Class System” for details.

 *1 In principle, students who live in areas other than Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama prefectures are eligible to take classes online. Students from Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama are required to attend in-person. The TOYO PPP School is not an online course. Students who take classes online are required to take some classes in person.

 * As a general rule, international students are required to come to Japan and attend school.

Inviting more than 60 guest lecturers annually!

The TOYO PPP School is intended for those who work as professionals. Its objective is to supply human resources who have a deep understanding of the behavioral principle of public and private entities and the abilities required to smoothly promote cooperation between the two sectors to society. Therefore, we think that it is necessary to offer students not only opportunities to study fundamental theories, but also classes that place more emphasis on putting the theories into practice.  

 For this reason, we invite guest lecturers who are frontline practitioners working in either the public or private sector and who can implement effective education by combining lectures, case studies, and acquisition of proposal techniques

 We invite more than 60 guest lecturers every year.

International students from all over the world have enrolled in our PPP course!


 International students from all over the world have enrolled in the TOYO PPP School.

 There are classes dedicated to researching case studies from overseas, classes with guests from overseas, and regular overseas study tours.

 Also, the course can be completed in Japanese or English alone.

 In recent years, many international students have enrolled using Japan International Cooperation Agency's (JICA) study abroad programs (ABE Initiative, Innovative Asia etc.) for Asian and African youth to obtain master’s degrees from Japanese universities.

 The TOYO PPP School is a place where people responsible for the development of their countries come together, exchange topics for discussion, and conduct research.

 For the introduction for international students, please see the following link (Click here for foreign students).

The PPP course offers many events.


 Many events are held in the TOYO PPP School every year.
 In addition to the regular events shown below, the course offers field studies in each seminar and open lectures that graduates can attend.

  • April: Welcome party for new graduate students enrolled in the TOYO PPP School.
  • August: Overseas visit accompanied by faculty members (only applicants)
  • September: Recurrent lectures
  • October: International PPP Forum
  • January: Results presentation session
  • Free consultations on PPP/PFI for local governments (applicants) 

A variety of scholarships

 The TOYO PPP School is subject to designated courses under the Ministry of Health,
 Labor and Welfare's education and training benefit system (specialized practice education and training benefit).
 The education and training benefit system is provided under the employment insurance system.

 Whether you are a Japanese worker or a foreign worker, you can get employment insurance and use the benefits
 if you meet the requirements such as 20 hours or more of regular working hours per week.

 For details, check the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Or ask at your local Hello Work office.


A class at a Otemachi Satellite lecture room

 The TOYO PPP School holds lectures on weekdays at the Otemachi Satellite, and on Saturdays at the Hakusan Campus.

  • Otemachi Satellite weekdays(Mon to Fri)
  • 6th Period18:30 to 20:00
  • 7th Period20:10 to 21:40

    Hakusan Campus Saturdays
  • 1st period9:00 to 10:30
  • 2nd period10:40 to 12:10
  • 3rd period13:00 to 14:30
  • 4th period14:45 to 16:15
  • 5th period16:30 to 18:00

 The Otemachi Satellite campus is in a very convenient location and is directly connected to the Otemachi subway station. This campus is an academic hub for public and private partnership. Lectures only for the PPP course are conducted at this campus.

 Saturday classes are provided at the Hakusan Campus. This allows graduate students to use the campus’s common laboratories and library as well as one of Japan’s most renowned university cafeterias.