Illuminating the future for regions

 A public-private partnership framework. 
 Having received certification as a PPP base from the United Nations, 
 We are making wide-ranging contributions to local governments in Japan, Asia, and around the world.

 The Toyo University Graduate School of Economics Toyo PPP School is a graduate school for working adults studying public-private partnerships (PPP).

 Currently, issues such as the decreasing birthrate and aging population, declining population, aging infrastructure, and pressure on public finances for local governments are building up. PPPs are growing as important policy tools to illuminate the future for regional local governments.
Since its launch in 2006, the Toyo PPP School has been cooperating with local governments in Japan and elsewhere to implement a wide range of projects. In the three courses offered bythe Toyo PPP School, a diversity of students engaged in local governments, construction, real estate, the financial field, and overseas activities gather to undertake PPP studies that are tailored to their own needs and develop a stronger understanding.

 In addition to the educational activities of the Toyo PPP School, the results of the research activities of the Research Center for Public-Private Partnership and Asia/Public Private Partnership Institute have received high evaluations. In 2015, the PPP educational and research activities carried out by Toyo University earned the certification of the UNECE International PPP Specialist Centre of Excellence - PPPs in Local Governments. In addition to collecting current and global information on PPP, the University has become an intellectual base from which many research results are released.

PPP at Toyo University
 PPP is a comprehensive concept which involves a project implementation method that divides roles among the government, private sectors, and citizens.

 It is not defined by law like PFI and designated administrators, so Toyo University’ Research Center for Public-Private Partnership consults with global organizations and defines PPP in two separate stages.